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Leadership Team

Eddie Arrington, CEO

Eddie has been with the company since 1972. He worked along-side his father for almost 25 years until he took the lead as President. His 40+ years experience in the industry has afforded him a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pallets and how to help customers. Eddie, as with most business owners, is involved in every aspect of the business, especially our large vendor and customer accounts. He is one of the most respected figures in the industry and his acumen for decision making has grown the company to the heights it enjoys today.

Kyle Arrington, COO

Following in his father’s steps, Kyle joined the company in 2004 after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Since joining, Kyle has impacted every aspect of the operation of the company. With a strong skill set in Information Systems he played architect the company's operating and reporting software. As Eddie has started to step away, Kyle has taken the reigns of the company's day to day operating decisions. Not afraid to change directions, his goal is to keep the company as agile as possible, able to accommodate the changing business environment and deliver on his customer's needs.

Brian Gorham, Controller

Brian joined the company in 2012, replacing a 17-year hire as the company controller. Where some might be intimidated Brian stepped in immediately with a mind to improve the company's financial tools and reporting. With a background in varied financial aspects, his experience lends weight to his financial vision. Brian also takes an active role in refactoring the company's operating procedures and culture. A key position, Brian handles the job and acts as a great resource for the business.

EC Blount, Account Manager

EC joined the staff in 1999 as the primary dedicated sales and account manager. His familiarity and experience in the lumber industry made his transition into the company a smooth one and has provided immense benefit as the company has branched out into new territory. EC is the first point of contact for most new customers and helps the company to provide its impeccable level of service.

Nathan Dyess, Plant Manager

Nate has been with the company for more than 25 years. He began his employment as an operator on a Viking Duo Matic nailing machine in the late 80s. As he became more acquainted with the everyday workings of the nailing department, he quickly moved up the ranks. His current position as Plant Manager lends him little idle time as he is responsible for day-to-day operations of the companies many sawmills, cut-up lines, nailing department, and kiln operations. Nate also oversees purchasing of raw materials and parts.

Robbie Stewart, HR and Safety

Robbie joined the company as a full time safety manager in 1992. His responsibilities cover all job hiring, HR functions, workplace safety and insurance compliance. Rob’s uncanny attention to detail aids him and the company well as he deals with the minutiae of regulation and compliance across all of our locations.